End to End Testing

By definition, unit-tests don't test interactions between modules and some side-effects.

The whole application must also be tested automatically.


Protractor is an e2e (end-to-end) testing framework developed by the AngularJS team.

It can test AngularJS or Angular web applications but also non-AngularJS web applications.

Protractor uses the Selenium webdriver to communicate with browsers and control them.

Protractor tests are written in JavaScript (or TypeScript) with Jasmine.

describe('angularjs homepage todo list', () => {

    it('should add a todo', () => {

        /* Add an element. */
        element(by.model('todoList.todoText')).sendKeys('write first protractor test');

        /* Check todo list content. */
        const todoList = element.all(by.repeater('todo in todoList.todos'));
        expect(todoList.get(0).getText()).toEqual('write first protractor test');



Page objects:

Factorize each view's (or page) logic in a dedicated and reusable class (separation of concerns).

import { PageTodo } from './pages/page-todo';

describe('angularjs homepage todo list', () => {

    it('should add a todo', () => {

        const pageTodo = new PageTodo();

        /* Add an element. */
        pageTodo.addTodo({title: 'write first protractor test'});

        /* Check todo list content. */
        const todoElementList = pageTodo.todoElementList();

        expect(todoElementList.get(0).getText()).toEqual('write first protractor test');



Cross-Browser & Cross-Device Test Automation with Browserstack

Browserstack is a cloud service with a large set of remotely controllable devices and browsers.

With Browserstack, you can run your Protractor tests on mobile and desktop.


Browserstack records logs, captures screenshots and records testing videos.

Apps can also be tested manually on Browserstack.

You can open a tunnel with Browserstack to test locally hosted applications.


Cypress is another JavaScript End to End Testing Framework.

It doesn't use Selenium so it's not cross-browser.

With Cypress, it is easier to have a Test-Driven Development approach as tests can be re-run automatically on every change without having to respawn a browser.



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